History about this Technique

A bit of history

Some years back I latched on to collage and was coating my paper with Matt Medium to help them lay flat when I glued them down and also I learned to protect the different acid contents of the papers. The "coating of papers" is something I've been doing along time, Store bought, handmade to hand altered collage papers.

Something about the piece work as the assembling the papers together, cutting or tearing and the placement is so inviting to me and a whole lot of other people. Artists have been doing it for way past 2000 years but didn't know it was a fine artform till Pablo Picasso and George Braque made it so. I think it was back in 1912 that the started adding found stuff and papers to their work.

As I continued in this Collage art medium I took a workshop with Jonathon Talbot. In his workshop he had all of us students coat papers with Golden's Polymer Gloss Medium which with the new branding of the acrylic line it's now called Gloss Medium. So through my classes and the video's you may hear me say Polymer Gloss Medium, so now you will understand the change of names.

As I keep exploring the medium of collage and mixing in other art mediums I started to understand the mediums and what to use what to get the best effects I wanted with in my collage works.

If you watch these videos in order you will receive a better understanding.

Enjoy this free opportunity, all video's are up on YouTube also.

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