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Use of a Tack Iron and Coated Collage Papers

In the Collage Classes that is taught in Lonecrow Studio that are not in a sketchbook use an irons and coating of papers.

When we aren't working with a tack iron, we are usually in a sketchbook with magazines and a glue stick.


List if some irons that can be used:

Green Encaustic Iron

House Iron General house Iron works, No Steam though.

Heat Seal Iron, "Tack Iron"

Always use a safety release sheet between the iron and coated papers like parchment paper.

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding supply list.pdf

You need a sturdy board for your book covers

As you can see I use all kinds of thick board like materials. What you see here is the back board from the large pads of watercolor paper I purchase to create my collage art on. Never let supplies go to waste. 

This is nice handled Awl I use or a smaller wooden handle is nice too. Just make sure the metal point is not to wide as it move up the metal shaft to the handle or it will be making to large a hole for the thread. 

I used a Dremel tool or a hand drill like this from Fiskar. Making the holes in the book cover is a bit more difficult. You may need some help holding the board over the edge of the table so you can drill the holes. You can use those black clips from the office store or even clothes pins would hold the two covers together while drilling or using your awl to make the holes in the covers. 

Fiskar Drill

Waxed Book thread comes in many different colors. I like to use Volcano Arts to purchase my waxed book threads. Again all these links are on the supply list you will download. Some craft store may have the waxed threads. Look around. 

This cradle is made from the same board as you would use for you collage book cover. The 30ply Chip board from Blick Art Materials works great too.

In the hand out there is mention of a Bone Tool. I don't always use this but many book binders do. It's a great tool for many uses. 

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