Suggestion of Supplies

The supplies are basic and you can add and subtract as you see fit. Classes like this with Mixed Media materials are always open to intuitive ideas and thoughts. The big question is, "What if I try this instead." I encourage it as that is they way we create our own work. See what you have around the your creative space first, then go out in purchase.  

I do suggest watching the video's first so you have an idea about the materials I used. 

Check out the list as you watch the videos to see what I've used. I've added a wide variety of videos on different papers to make and use in many other art projects. Enjoy the experience of this process and allow your own intuitive nature to inspire you.

These are some of the supplies I like to use for this Art Class

Waxed Book Thread-Volcano Arts

Plastic Clips-Staples, Walmart, Office Supply Stores.

Crewel Needles- Craft stores

Supply List for Hanging Scrolls.pdf
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